Please protect yourself on the way to work. Masks can't cover your lovely
2020-02-24 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
In response to the national call, in order to meet the needs of customers and improve the self-protection awareness of employees, all members of our company have taken actions to become a city of wisdom, taking the intersection, temperature measurement and preventing viruses from entering the park. The rate of arriving at the post is over 90%. Every employee is strongly required to achieve "everyone's prevention, health and family reunion".
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I wish you a happy mood, a smooth promotion of work, a rolling source of wealth, a sweet friendship and love, and a beautiful and happy life.
2019-2020 to ensure the continuous suitability, sufficiency and effectiveness of quality and environment policy, quality and environment objectives and quality and environment management system ...
I wish all employees and customers a happy May Day!
Wish you and the company hand in hand through each spring, summer, autumn and winter, harvest the most fruitful fruits of life. Because of your hard work, the company can operate normally.
Without the sun, the flowers will not open, without women, there will be no love, without mothers, there will be neither poets nor heroes. I wish all women in the company a happy holiday.
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