Congratulations to our company on passing the ISO internal audit in 2020
2020-06-15 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
2019-2020 to ensure the continuous suitability, sufficiency and effectiveness of quality and environment policy, quality and environment objectives and quality and environment management system and keep consistent with the company's strategic direction. On June 12, 2020, our company carried out the audit of ISO system. Under the guidance of teachers, all departments cooperated actively and passed the internal audit perfectly. Since the quality and environmental management system has been running, it basically meets the standards and the company's operation requirements. The quality and environmental objectives have been achieved, and there is no need to change. The operation meets the requirements of customers and laws and regulations.
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Holiday period: From September 29, 2023 to October 4, 2023, a total of 6 days, with normal work on October 5.
On July 17, 2023, our company successfully passed UL testing. Obtained UL certificate with certificate number E535108.
New address of the company: F5, B, Building 12, Tangtou Industrial Zone, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.
Through nsf-isr evaluation, the established quality management system meets the following standards: IATF 16949 : 2016
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