Characteristics and application of power connector
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The power connector comprises an insulating body and a plurality of terminals, the insulating body is provided with a plurality of holding slots for holding the terminals, the insulating body is additionally provided with at least one tongue piece, the tongue piece isolates the terminals, the terminals are respectively provided with a barb, the terminals are respectively extended outwards on the first side of the barb and provided with a plurality of contact parts, and the second side of the barb is provided with a plurality of contact parts Through the above structure, the barb of the terminal can be embedded in the insulation body, and the terminal is easy to assemble, and it only needs to be pushed into the insulation body, so that there is no short circuit equivalent energy between the terminals.

Main features of 50A series power connector, working current: 50A /... Agent distribution JST daily pressure connector, connector and terminal, common material number are in stock. 1. It has cost-effective reliability, design flexibility, and has the design of preventing device error, consistency and exchangeable substitution, which makes the assembly efficiency faster. 2. The main features of sa175a bipolar series power connector are as follows: 1. Working current: 175 a bipolar connector; 2. Working voltage: 600V, AC or DC.

It has been widely used in electric forklift, golf cart, tour bus, electric cruise ship, electric washing machine, mining electric locomotive, UPS, power communication, railway system and other products. Power connector design application processing technical data recipe method 1. General power connector for connecting flexible cable to rigid device in any structure of many structures 2. Power connector with heat insulation element 3. Wafer power connector 4 The combined power conversion plug connector is used for various sensors, brakes and power supplies, as well as data applications in automobile, industrial electronics, computer technology, electronic consumer goods or medical engineering.
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