What are the performance characteristics of pin and bus arrangement
2021-04-05 Shenzhen connector factory
With the rapid development of modern electronic technology, pin and bus arrangement is also a common electronic component in the current electronic market. The working principle of pin and bus arrangement is through the power connection and signal transmission between components and equipment, and to keep the signal distortion and energy loss between equipment systems. For those who have just come into contact with us, for example, what are the performance characteristics and operation precautions of the row needle and row mother? We may not know much about these knowledge points. Now let's explain the performance characteristics and operation precautions of the row needle and row mother.

Performance characteristics of row pin and row bus
1. The convenience of operation and the mechanical strength of needle arrangement are also very important factors. Connector is usually the communication interface between PCB motherboard and external components. The bearing capacity of pin and bus is very strong. Sometimes, it may encounter considerable external force and it is intact.
2. The reliability of components assembled by via technology is much higher than that of corresponding SMT components. Whether it is a strong pull, extrusion or thermal shock, it can withstand, and is not easy to separate from the PCB.
3. The processing of pin and bus bar used in industrial field wiring is usually high-power components, which can meet the needs of different transmission of high voltage and high current.
4. These advantages weaken with the decrease of component adhesion on PCB. The characteristics of the pin array are compact design and easy mounting, which are obviously different from the pin array with through holes in size and assembly form.
5. Having electrical strength refers to the ability of rated test voltage that can be withstood between row pins, between contacts, or between contacts and shell.
6. Generally, the pin and bus can adapt to the attenuation caused by electromagnetic interference and the ability of shielding electromagnetic interference.
7. The contact resistance of the needle should be small, which can be as small as tens of milliohm.

Points for attention in needle and bus arrangement
1. The heat dissipation design of pin and bus bar will generate heat when working, and the high temperature will affect the attenuation speed and stability of LED, so the heat dissipation of PCB board and the ventilation and heat dissipation of box will affect the pin and bus bar.
2. Check whether the anti-static pin and bus have good anti-static measures.
3. When the current value of pin and bus is less than 20mA, it is generally recommended that the maximum current should not exceed 80% of the nominal value, especially for the electronic equipment with small point spacing, the current value should be reduced due to poor heat dissipation conditions.
4. Control the perpendicularity of the board. For the plug-in pin and bus bar, it is necessary to have enough technology to ensure that the LED is perpendicular to the PCB board.
5. The temperature and time of wave front welding should be strictly controlled. The preheating temperature should be 100 ℃± 5 ℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 120 ℃, and the preheating temperature should rise steadily. The welding temperature should be 245 ℃± 5 ℃, and the welding time should not exceed 3 seconds.
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