Wire-to-board connectors should provide flexibility and variety
2019-12-02 Wire-to-board connectors
Wire-to-board connector is widely used in the installation of household appliances in daily life, and also used in aerospace, defense and other military systems. It is still a part often touched by electronic engineers. As for its effect, it is mainly blocked in the circuit An AC bridge is established between a broken or isolated circuit, so that the current flows and the circuit completes the intended function. The wire-to-board connector is an indispensable part of electronic equipment. It investigates along the path of current flow. You will always find one or more wire-to-board connectors. Wire-to-board connectors should improve diversity and flexibility. The effect of the wire-to-board connector can not be ignored. First, it is conducive to improving the production process. Its presentation simplifies the installation process of electronic products and simplifies the mass production process. Second, it is easier to maintain, if an electronic component The component fails, and the failed component can be replaced quickly when the wire-to-board connector is installed; at the same time, the wire-to-board connector is easy to be upgraded. Finally, the use of the wire-to-board connector can improve the diversity and flexibility of the design. Electricity is also inseparable from wire-to-board connectors. Wire-to-board connectors are also known as plug-ins, sockets and plugs in China, which generally refer to wire-to-board connectors, that is, two active devices Equipment to transmit current or signals.
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