Connection method of electronic board to board connector
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The precision electronic board to board connector is usually composed of plug and socket. The plug is also called free end precision electronic connector, and the socket is also called fixed precision electronic connector. The connection and disconnection of the circuit are completed through plug, socket and plug-in and separation. Therefore, various connection methods of plug and socket are produced. For circular precision electronic connector, there are mainly thread type connectors There are three methods of connection: bayonet connection and bullet type connection. Among them, thread connection is the most common. It has the advantages of simple processing technology, low production cost and wide application range. However, the connection speed is slow and not suitable for the occasions requiring frequent plug-in and fast continuous operation.

Bayonet connection is faster because of the longer lead of the three bayonet slots. However, its production is messy and the cost is high. The bullet type connection is the fastest of the three connection methods. It does not need to carry out the rotary movement, but only needs the linear movement to complete the function of connection, separation and locking, because it belongs to the direct push-pull connection method It is only suitable for precision electronic connector with small total separation force, which is usually found in small precision electronic
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