Manufacturing steps for board to board connectors
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In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology has greatly promoted the production and manufacturing of electronic products. As an important device in electronic products, connectors are also more and more concerned by users. Connector manufacturers all over the world have set off a frenzy of technological innovation. In this unpredictable moment of connector market, the rapid development of the market has accelerated the technological innovation of connectors, and the design level and processing means of connectors have also been greatly improved. Nowadays, although there are many kinds of electronic connectors, the manufacturing process is basically the same.

1. Stamping
The manufacturing process of the plate to plate connector generally starts from pressing the pin. Through the large-scale high-speed stamping machine, the connector (PIN) is made of thin metal strip. One end of the large coil of metal belt is sent to the front end of the press, and the other end is wrapped into the winding pulley through the hydraulic workbench of the stamping machine. The metal belt is pulled out by the coiling wheel and the finished product is rolled.

2. Electroplating
The connector pins shall be sent to the electroplating section after stamping. At this stage, the electronic contact surface of the connector will be coated with various metal coatings. Similar to the stamping stage of a class of problems, such as pin distortion, fragmentation or deformation, will also appear in the stamping process of the pin into the electroplating equipment, quality defects are easy to detect.

3. Injection molding
However, for most machine vision system suppliers, many quality defects in electroplating process are still "forbidden zone" of detection system. Electronic connector manufacturers hope that the inspection system can detect various inconsistent defects such as fine scratches and pinholes on the electroplated surface of connector pins. Although these defects can be easily identified for other products (such as aluminum can bottom cover or other relatively flat surface), due to the irregular and angular surface design of most electronic connectors, it is difficult for the visual inspection system to obtain the images needed to identify these minor defects.

4. Assembly
Due to the continuous requirements of manufacturers to improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce production costs, new machine vision systems have been widely used. With the increasing popularity of various visual systems, people are more and more familiar with the characteristics of this kind of inspection system, and learn to consider the detectability of product quality when designing new products. If you want a baseline to detect the actual position, you should consider the visibility of this baseline in the connector design.
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