What is the double 85 test in precision connectors
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Double 85 test refers to comparing the performance changes of products before and after aging under the condition of 85 ℃ / 85% RH, such as the light capacitance and electrical performance parameters of lamps, mechanical properties of materials, yellowing index, etc., the smaller the difference, the better, so as to test the heat and moisture resistance of the products. The time to do it depends on the product industry. For example, the standard of communication module industry is 2000 hours. Double 85 test is a necessary test equipment mainly used in photovoltaic industry and solar energy industry. It is used to test photovoltaic module, mainly monocrystalline silicon module, ground crystal silicon photovoltaic module, ground thin film photovoltaic module and so on. It can reproduce the damage caused by the environment.

Extended data:
In the LED lighting industry, many manufacturers have taken the double 85 test results as an important means to evaluate the quality of lamps and lanterns. According to the summary of Jinjian laboratory, various possible reasons for the failure of LED lamps to pass the double 85 test are as follows:
1. Power supply of lamps and lanterns: poor heat resistance of shell, short circuit danger of circuit, failure of protection mechanism, etc;
2. Lamp structure: unreasonable design of heat sink, problems in installation, materials not resistant to high temperature;
3. Light source: poor moisture resistance, aging of packaging adhesive, poor high temperature resistance.

In case of special use environment, such as severe working environment temperature, it is necessary to test its high and low temperature resistance performance, and the test method can refer to the high and low temperature test items.
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