Connection method and application technology of three kinds of power meter pin and bus
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The pin and bus of power meter are generally composed of plug and socket. The plug is also called free end connector, and the socket is also called fixed connector. There are also plug and socket are both free end connectors, that is, the so-called relay connector. The connection and disconnection of the circuit are realized through the insertion and separation of the plug and socket, so various connection modes of the plug and socket are produced.

There are three main ways to connect the pin and bus of round meter: screw connection, snap connection and billiard connection. Among them, threaded connection is the most common, but the connection speed is slow, which is not suitable for frequent plugging and quick connection; snap connection is fast, but its manufacturing is more complex, so the cost is higher; Billiard connection is the fastest one among the three connection modes. It can realize the functions of connection, separation and locking only by linear motion without rotating motion. However, because it belongs to direct push-pull connection mode, it is only suitable for power connector with small total separation force.

It is an important aspect of using and selecting connectors that the termination mode of connectors and cables should be selected reasonably and the termination technology should be used correctly.

1. Crimping
The crimping connection should be able to make the conductor and contact metal melt and deform symmetrically, which is similar to the cold welding connection. It can obtain better mechanical strength and electrical continuity, and can withstand worse environmental conditions. At present, it is generally believed that the right crimping connection arm should be soldered well, especially in the case of high current.

2. Welding
The most common connection is soldering. The most important thing of solder joint is the metal continuity between solder and the surface to be welded. Tin alloy, silver and gold are the most common coatings on the welding end of connector.

3. Winding
The wire is directly wound on the contact winding post with water chestnut. When winding, the wire is wound under the condition of controlled tension, pressed and fixed at the water chestnut of the contact winding column to form air tight contact.

The shape of connector is ever-changing, users mainly choose from straight shape, curved shape, outer diameter of wire or cable and fixed requirements with the shell, volume, quality, whether to connect metal hose, etc. they also choose from the aspects of beauty, shape, color, etc. for the meter pin and bus used on the panel.
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