Analysis of tin hole and Bridge in solder of precision connector
2021-01-18 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
The possible causes of tin hole are as follows:
01. Solder temperature is too low
02. Too dirty solder
03. Tin furnace is not smooth
04. Preheating temperature too high or too low
05. Incorrect flux setting
06. The solderability of PCB is poor, and the plating process of PCB through hole does not meet the requirements of plating
07. Insufficient flux activity
08. If the amount of tin slag is too much, it should be cleaned up in time
09. It should be used to improve welding quality, such as tin slag reducing powder

Analysis of possible reasons for bridging:
01. The preheating temperature is too low or the welding temperature is too low, the chain transmission is too fast, resulting in insufficient heat absorption
02. The soldering wave crest is too high or the wave crest is not flat, the PCB board invades the soldering tin too deeply, causing too much soldering tin on the board surface
03. The solder is too dirty, and there are residues on the PCB surface or component pins
04. The preheating temperature is not set correctly (the temperature is set too high or too low)
05. Too low pollution proportion of flux or poor flux activity will affect the wettability of welding
06. Incorrect flux setting
07. The chain transmission is too fast or the angle is too small
08. The solderability of the plate is poor, the flow direction of solder is not considered in the design, the line distribution is too dense, and the pin design is too close to the rule
09. Too many impurities in solder, copper or iron pollution affect solder flow
10. The pin of the component is too long, causing too much tin sticking during welding
11. Incorrect fixture design
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