Shenzhen connector manufacturer introduces the basic principle of light sensor
2021-05-31 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
When it comes to light sensors, it must be familiar to everyone. Now many electronic mobile devices on the market have light sensors to achieve the purpose of energy saving and the best visual effect.

Brief introduction of light sensor

Light sensor is also known as brightness sensor. Now many tablet computers and mobile phones are equipped with this kind of sensor. Its main function is to feel the light intensity of the environment, automatically adjust the brightness to achieve the most appropriate screen brightness, provide the best visual effect for users, and save energy for the equipment. I believe many young friends have a deep understanding that it is very troublesome to manually adjust the brightness every time you change an environment. Sometimes at night or in a dark place, if you forget to turn down the brightness, your eyes will be stimulated by the stronger light. If you do this for a long time, it will definitely hurt your eyes. The existence of light sensor is essential for the era of rapid development of electronic products. We need to use mobile phones and computers every day. Automatic adjustment of screen brightness can reduce eye fatigue to a certain extent.

Working principle of light sensor

The light sensor is generally located on the top of the screen of the handheld device, which is composed of a projector and a light receiver. It focuses the light on the lens through the projector, then transmits it to the lens of the light receiver, and then transmits it to the receiving sensor, which will convert the received light signal into electrical signal; After that, the electrical signal will carry out a series of actions in the device, and finally realize the function of automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen.
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