The connector manufacturer introduces the very common terminal specifications of U-type terminal
2022-04-25 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
U-shaped terminals are very common terminal specifications. All U-shaped series universal terminals of common specifications can be used in eexe field in accordance with en50 019 standard.

01. The terminal has universal mounting feet, so it can be installed on U-shaped guide rail NC 35 and G-shaped guide rail nc32;
02. The closed screw guide hole can ensure the ideal screwdriver operation;
03. Terminals with multiple section levels are equipped with unified accessories, such as end plate, grouping partition, etc;
04. Potential distribution can be realized by connecting the fixed bridge in the center of the terminal or the side plug bridge inserted into the wire cavity;
05. Grounding terminal and n-wire slider breaking terminal consistent with the shape of ordinary terminal;
06. Unified identification can be realized;
07. The combination of graphics enhances the three-dimensional sense of the wiring system;
08. The terminal can be installed on the U-shaped guide rail;
09. Fully equipped;
10. Equipped with grounding terminals with consistent appearance;
11. It can solve special terminals such as double-layer wiring, potential distribution, current loop test and so on.

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