The importance of wire to board connector in IC Design
2022-02-28 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
When it comes to electronic design, people often pay more attention to the role of integrated circuit (IC). It is natural for designers and engineers to regard IC as the core of equipment - "solution". However, the function of IC will be affected by its packaging, the way it is installed on the circuit board, the design and layout of PCB and PCB itself, the connection between PCB layers, the connection from circuit board wiring to components, and the integrity of welded joints. Then there is the connector. For engineers, all these are collectively referred to as "channels".

The line to board connector must be electrically compatible with the equipment on the channel. For example, impedance mismatch can lead to serious loss of signal integrity. The loss of signal integrity may invalidate the whole equipment, which for the company means that the product has to be redesigned, ultra long delay, higher cost and even lost the time to market.

To avoid these problems, connectors must be well designed and manufactured within strict tolerances. Especially when the clock frequency is higher, the possibility of crosstalk will increase, and the distance between the circuit board and the shell will be more limited. Therefore, the connector is absolutely a key device for high reliability, high performance and multi-functional equipment.

Molex has been working with partners to develop appropriate solutions. In the process of continuous development, the company is able to identify technology and market trends and respond to unmet needs in various segments of the electronics industry. Molex does this work on a global basis. In response to the demand, MOLEX has set up an intensive R & D plan, which is implemented by the company's world leading team of high-quality and highly skilled design engineers.
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