Technology innovation of wire to board connector promotes mobile interconnection Market
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According to the survey data of trendforce, a market research institution, the super mobile market will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2013. It is expected that the global shipment volume of smart phones will exceed 830 million, with an average annual growth of about 30%; Among them, Chinese brands will show a strong growth momentum, with the shipment volume increasing by more than 50% in 2013, higher than the global average. With the rapid development of this market, MOLEX company, the world's leading one-stop interconnection product supplier, has developed a complete set of perfect interconnection solutions for mobile products around increasingly complex mobile interconnection equipment, including innovations in miniaturized overall dimensions, board to board and flexible circuit board (FPC), as well as customized and industrial standards Connectors and antenna products for I / O, camera socket, memory and SIM card, etc.

Weng Weixiong, marketing manager of Molex Asia Pacific South region, said: "one of the advantages of Molex company in technology development is that through the practical application in different industries, a number of innovative technologies and products came into being, and can realize resource sharing within the enterprise. This is also the real reason why Molex can apply some leading technologies in the field of mobile interconnection devices."

According to the development characteristics of miniaturization of mobile interconnection equipment, MOLEX can currently provide connector products with a minimum of 0.20pitch (mm) in FPC connector part; In the online board matching part, MOLEX can currently provide 1.20pitch (mm) connector products, which can support single-chip 2A current when used as battery connection; In the board to board part, in view of the increasing application trend for battery connection, the 6ckts connector product with a height of only 0.70 (mm) developed by Molex can support 4A high current; In the part of SIM card connector, MOLEX has recently launched a new generation of 3ff micro SIM card socket with an overall dimension of 12X15MM, which is 52% smaller than its previous generation Mini sim (or 2ff) card. It is suitable for ultra-thin smart phones, tablets, GSM / UMTS modems, PC cards and other products. It is available in two options: double push and push-pull. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission, the speedstack connector system released by Molex can support the high-density, low side and high connection effect of up to 40Gbps data rate per differential line.

In addition, in the development of I / O connectors, Weng Weixiong specially introduced: "In this part, MOLEX's current R & D focus is on the waterproof performance of products. With the help of innovative development in the application environment of vehicles, marine equipment and industrial power modules, MOLEX has launched a series of high-grade waterproof sealed connector products suitable for mobile interconnection devices. At the same time, with connectors increasingly becoming a part of the appearance design of integrated mobile devices In part, MOLEX will also participate more in the product design process of complete machine equipment manufacturers, bringing them richer and personalized product selection schemes. "

In the field of mobile antenna, MOLEX adopts advanced laser direct construction (LDS) technology to directly coat the plastic support to form a metal antenna pattern, which makes the antenna of mobile equipment more stable, has stronger anti-interference ability, and can also save more design space. It is reported that Molex has developed a 2.4ghzsmd ground antenna, which is the smallest molded interconnection device antenna in the market. The high-performance 2.4GHz antenna weighs only 0.03g and adopts powerful and sophisticated LDS technology. It can be used in portable electronic devices, such as tablets and mobile phones containing Bluetooth, Wi Fi and other wireless standards. In addition, MOLEX has also developed mobliqua antenna technology, including proprietary technology for bandwidth enhancement. Mobliqua technology is suitable for mobile phones, portable electronic products, tablet computers and notebook computers. It can simplify the optimization of antenna impedance and match different RF engines, so as to reduce current consumption, which is a crucial requirement of super mobile devices and improve power conversion efficiency. Compared with the standard system, this new technology can improve the impedance bandwidth by 60% to 70% without increasing the antenna volume or sacrificing efficiency.

It is also reported that Molex has recently launched a new app application that allows tablet users to quickly access more than 90 different Molex product lines. This molexapp software can be used for apple and Android devices, allowing tablet users to view product information, search products, browse documents and videos without going online. App users can access an Internet connection that can link to Molex website to obtain detailed product number information, and access Molex's various connector solutions anytime, anywhere.
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