The impact of poor fixation of precision terminal wire terminals
2024-05-15 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
01. Poor contact of terminal wires and terminals may be due to design unreliability, followed by material selection errors, improper selection of molding processes, or poor quality of heat treatment, molds, and their assembly and fusion processes. Inadequate assembly can directly lead to poor fixation.

02. Poor fixation of terminal wires and terminals is due to poor positioning and locking fit size, poor consistency in processing quality, and large total separation force, which can cause poor interchangeability.

03. If the terminal wire terminals are poorly fixed, it will to a large extent cause instantaneous power outage, and in severe cases, it actually refers to product disassembly. If disassembled, it means that the terminals are in a plug-in state. Due to factors such as material, design, and technology, it can lead to unreliable structures, resulting in abnormal separation between plugs and sockets, as well as between pins and sockets. This can lead to serious consequences such as power transmission and signal control interruption in the control system.
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