Good wire-to-board connectors must highlight two aspects
2019-07-08 wire-to-board
With the development of science and technology, the mechanized equipment is becoming more and more advanced, and the trend of replacing manpower is becoming more and more obvious. On the mechanical side, there is an important part of the connector. Although this part is small, it often plays a very important role. As a hub for connection, the quality of the connector directly determines the safety performance, practical performance, and life of a machine. Therefore, choosing a good wire-to-board connector is very important. When buying mechanical equipment, be sure to pay attention to this aspect.

Evaluation of a wire-to-board connector is mainly based on the mechanical properties of the connector. The so-called connection mainly refers to whether the insertion force and the extraction force of the part meet the standard. If the insertion force is too high, the insertion is difficult, not only very It is inconvenient, and if it takes a long time, it will bring security risks to the whole machine. For the pull-out force, this one should be as large as possible, because if the pull-out force is too small, it will easily fall off, which will not only affect the service life of the connector, but also cause certain safety hazards to the whole machine.

For some connectors working in special occasions, we must pay attention to the performance of the environment, that is, the connector must be resistant to high and low temperatures, must be able to work under high humidity conditions, must have resistance to impact And the ability to squeeze or even shake. On high and low temperature resistance, a good connector must work normally at a high temperature of two or more Baidu, and its parts cannot be damaged due to high temperature. Low temperature generally has to pass the low temperature test of minus 60 degrees Celsius. Because the working condition of the connector is not fixed, many equipments must work under special occasions. Therefore, this one has to be prevented. In humidity, it is well known that humidity affects the insulation performance of the connector. Therefore, when designing the connector, it must be considered whether the humidity of the environment will affect the connector. After rigorous experimentation, the performance can be determined. Another important indicator of the connector is its performance in shock and impact resistance. This one is very obvious in aerospace, railway and road transportation. The connector must be strong and have a very good earthquake resistance. It can maintain normal work when it comes to some harsh environments, and it will not cause damage due to huge impact, which will affect the work of the machine.
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