Effect of high temperature on the electrical contact performance of board-to-board connectors
2019-07-15 board-to-board connectors
The high temperature test was divided into two groups and the test was carried out for 96 hours in the range of 105 ± 2 °C. In one set of tests, the test panels were inserted directly through the board-to-board connectors without screws being attached to the walkie-talkie aluminum casing; another set of test panels were screwed to increase contact between the board connectors. pressure. After the end of the experiment, it was found that the results of the two groups differed greatly. For test specimens that have not been fixed, a total of contact pairs fail, and only two pairs of contact terminals fail. In combination with the application of the board connector in the walkie-talkie, the next environmental stress test, the test sample is fixed by the aluminum shell.

During the test, the test sample was placed in a high-low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber, then heated to the highest temperature and remained unchanged until the temperature was stabilized, and then the test sample was energized for testing. After the high temperature test is finished, stop the power supply and return to the normal test atmospheric conditions in the test chamber until the test sample reaches the temperature stability, and then test and record the results. Figure 3-5 is a graph showing the amount of change in contact resistance of the contact terminals of the connector after the high temperature test is completed. As a result of the statistical test, the contact pair 1 and the contact pair 2 of the first circuit board failed.
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