New materials will promote market development of board-to-board connectors
2019-07-29 board-to-board connectors
I believe that everyone knows the rapid development of the Internet. More and more traditional industries have joined the e-commerce army. The network is transforming all traditional enterprises. The rapid development of the information industry brings opportunities to the electronic components industry. The connector market for important parts of the component base has also been pulled, and the board-to-board connector market has also been pulled and developed rapidly.

With such a huge market demand, as a connector industry enterprise brings such a big opportunity, but how can connector manufacturers and suppliers grasp this opportunity in the market demand? Xiao Bian believes that the material, technology and process of the connector can be continuously strengthened, and it is crucial to improve the quality and manufacturing level of the current domestic connectors.

Nowadays, the problem encountered by domestic connector companies is that there are too many general technologies and too few professional technologies. To break through this difficult bottleneck, we must master the core technology to improve the overall competitiveness of the connector.

As China's manufacturing specialization technology continues to improve, the market will continue to strengthen the demand for connectors, and more and more new materials, new technologies, new processes for the industrial production of connector products. Among them, electroplating, mold, stamping, etc. are the most basic manufacturing technologies in connector products. Gold-saving processes such as gold and partial gold plating, precision die-casting, cold extrusion and hot forging of metal parts replace the single-piece machine. Process technology, composite materials instead of metal materials, and applications of nanomaterials provide strong support for the rapid development of connectors. But the only downside is that the combination of GM's new technology and the manufacturing of the connector itself is not deep enough and comprehensive. It does not form the core technology of the company's own profession.

Most of the new materials in China use environmentally-friendly, composite, aluminum alloy and other materials. However, both in terms of process and technology, precision molding technology and precision processing technology should be adopted to improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce the cost of materials.
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