What are the protection measures for board-to-board connectors
2019-08-12 board-to-board connectors
Due to the continuous development of technology, there are many electronic products around us. At this time, the Huizhou board-to-board connector is indispensable. It mainly plays the role of convergence, and it is naturally used very often. No matter what we use, we must protect it so that we can use it for a longer period of time. Today, Xiaobian will come to learn about the protection measures of Huizhou board-to-board connectors, as follows:

Plate-to-board connector plating helps to improve mechanical properties, and the parameters related to mechanical properties are mainly factors that affect the durability or wear of the coating, as well as the ability to combine. These elements to be considered are two different viewpoints under the same fundamental role, namely the sharing of cold welding of the multi-touch interface during the relative motion process. The most important mechanical properties include hardness, ductility and the coefficient of friction of the coating data. All of these properties depend on the connotative nature of the coating data and the work process it uses.

The first consideration for board-to-board connectors is corrosion maintenance. Most electrical connector touch shrapnel are made of copper alloy, which is susceptible to corrosion, such as oxidation and vulcanization, in typical electrical connector operating environments. In fact, the touch plating is used to close the touch shrapnel from the working environment to avoid corrosion of the copper. Of course, the plating data must be protected from harm (at least in the harmful range) in its working environment. As an important function of corrosion protection, optimizing the interface is a consideration for selecting suitable touch coating materials.
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