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2019-08-19 Shenzhen Liansheng Precision Connector CO.、Ltd
Connectors are mainly used to connect data, signals and power between network equipment and mechanical facilities. Domestically, they are also called connectors, plugs and sockets. They are inseparable from everyday life or industrial production. Industrial connectors are often used in harsher environments than indoor wall outlets, but we don't notice them. Here's what you can do to see what connectors are easy to ignore. First, in terms of rail transit, such as on a train or a high-speed train, how can you talk more stably, browse the web faster, or Watching high-definition shows? You often know how important it is to be silly on the train, and the connector is responsible for the stable transmission of the signal, allowing you to enjoy smooth WiFi. When watching an event, such as a tennis match, the connector can be mounted on the referee's chair and connected to the referee's computer to ensure normal power and communication. It can be said that the game went smoothly, and the connector was indispensable. When watching a show, such as a pop rock concert, aatrical performance or a musical, the connector provides reliable, robust signal transmission, and an exciting performance is inseparable from it. In power stations, especially in outdoor switching equipment, industrial connectors perform their unique performance. It is often exposed to the sun, wind, dust, rain and ice to provide a safe connection to the control cabinet. Reliable, tried-and-tested connectors are particularly popular in terms of wind energy, such as the fan's pulping system. On the robot, the connector is also inseparable. Due to the presence of the connector, the robot becomes easier to operate and easier to automate. In the production process, such as 3-5 axis machining center for CNC control, boring, milling, drilling machinery, the multi-axis linkage CNC system can not be separated from the connector, open USB, TCP / IP network DNC processing and data transmission . In fact, lathes, plastic processing machinery, printing presses, metal processing and wood processing machinery, electric cranes, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, food, and beverage processing and packaging machinery use connectors to connect power, signal and data.
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