What are the effects of wire-to-wire connectors against mis-insertion
2019-09-02 wire-to-wire connectors
Mis-insertion is a erroneous behavior caused by the sloppy work of the staff during the operation. This behavior not only causes the equipment to fail to operate normally, but also may cause a short circuit in the serious case. Therefore, the anti-missing insertion is very demanding. According to Mr. Yuan, Mr. Yuan introduced the anti-missing of the line-to-line connector, which are as follows: On the one hand, the mis-insertion of the line-to-line connector is a kind of sloppy work caused by the staff during the operation. Wrong behavior, which not only causes the device to fail to operate properly, but also can cause short-circuits in serious cases, so the requirements for preventing mis-insertion are very high. According to Mr. Yuan, the connector of Junao Connector, there are two aspects to prevent mis-insertion of the line-to-line connector, as follows:

On the one hand, for the wire-to-wire connector itself, the rotation is one hundred and eighty degrees. If the misalignment error will cause the signal connection to be wrong, then it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the anti-missing wire-to-wire connector as much as possible. Avoid this type of error while avoiding damage to the device, or you can uniquely configure the relative position in the wire-to-wire connector.

The use of wire-to-wire connectors can avoid this situation to a certain extent, so it is recommended to choose reliable and safe wire-to-wire connector products in order to reduce material types or cost-saving manufacturers. This will allow your device to be well protected.

On the other hand, when the manufacturer uses the same connector, it is very likely that the A plug will be found on the B socket. This situation requires special attention, because once this happens, the consequences will be very serious and the AB interface must be connected. Only for different outlets.

For the anti-missing effect of the wire-to-wire connector, although it cannot be completely solved now, with the development of technology and product update, it is believed that there will be a better solution in the future.
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