Five levels of wire-to-board connector interconnection
2019-09-09 wire-to-board connector
With the increasing competition in the wire-to-board connector manufacturing industry, M&A integration and capital operation among large connector manufacturers are becoming more and more frequent. Domestic excellent connector manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially for industrial development. In-depth research on environmental and product buyers. Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic connector brands have risen rapidly and gradually gain a foothold in the connector market!

Due to the increasing variety of wire-to-board connectors, new structures and applications continue to emerge, and attempts to solve classification and naming problems with a fixed pattern have become difficult to adapt. However, some basic classifications are still based on the function of the internal and external connections of electronic devices, and the interconnection can be divided into five levels.

(1) Internal connection of the chip package.

(2) The connection of the IC package pin to the PCB. Typical connector IC socket.

(3) The connection of the printed circuit to the wire or printed board. A typical connector is a printed circuit connector.

(4) The connection between the bottom plate and the bottom plate. A typical connector is a cabinet connector.

(5) The connection between the device and the device. A typical product is a circular connector.
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