Connector durability can be introduced
2019-11-18 Connector manufacturer
With the development of society, people's living standards are constantly improving. Of course, cars are also the case. Automakers are increasingly demanding their supply bases. This is a well-known thing for auto parts suppliers. . In the case of connector suppliers, this means more stringent requirements for product performance, stability and cost. Suppliers can only be in a dominant position by constantly innovating products and processes to meet these needs of customers.

But in fact, this thing is not easy to do. Most commercial electronic components are most troublesome when they fail. However, if there is a problem with the connection of key auto parts, it will cause the fire alarm, brake or airbag to malfunction. , leading to serious consequences.

A typical light vehicle has approximately 1,500 connection points, of which 50% to 60% are used for critical power distribution functions. Automotive connectors are used in increasingly harsh environments, including temperatures (down to minus 40 ° C, up to minus 155 ° C), vibration, oxidation, and frictional corrosion, and we are beginning to recognize the importance of design challenges.

Board-to-board connector manufacturers must identify and analyze physical and mechanical phenomena in the environment that may affect connector performance. In order to evaluate the stability of the connector, the connector manufacturer implemented a detailed test procedure in accordance with the application conditions specified by the automobile manufacturer. In the event of a connector failure, it can be determined to be one of three failure modes: friction corrosion, electrical failure, and connector insertion problems.
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