Introduction of Liansheng precision terminal
2019-12-30 Terminal manufacturer
Terminal block is an electronic component used for circuit connection, also known as terminal strip, electrical connector, etc. Due to the characteristics of its own structure, circular electrical connector is the most widely used in military equipment (aviation and Aerospace). Because of its simple structure, rectangular electrical connector is more used in printed circuit board of electronic equipment.

According to the connection mode: threaded connection, bayonet (quick) connection, bayonet lock connection, push-pull connection, direct plug connection, etc;
According to the contact body Termination Form: crimping, welding, winding; screw (CAP) fixation;
According to environmental protection: environment resistant electrical connector and ordinary electrical connector

Shell: the shell of electric connector refers to the shell, connecting nut and tail accessory of plug and socket. The function of the shell is to protect the internal parts of the electrical connector such as the insulator and the contact body (the general name of the pin jack) from being damaged. The upper positioning keyway ensures the positioning of plug and socket. The connecting nut is used for connecting and separating the plug base. The tail accessories are used to protect the terminal of the conductor and the contact body from damage and to fix the cable. The shell also has certain electromagnetic shielding effect. The shell is generally made of aluminum alloy by machining, cold extrusion and die casting. Steel shell is mainly used for glass sealing welding and high temperature electrical connector.

Insulator: the insulator consists of pin insulator and Jack insulator. Interface sealing body, sealing body, etc. It is used to keep the pin jack at the set position and to electrically insulate each contact body and each contact body and the shell. To improve the environmental performance of the electrical connector, the insulator and the interface sealing body are used to obtain the sealing measures. In order to adapt to the high temperature, low temperature, flame retardant of the products, and ensure the stability and reliability of the geometric dimensions of the parts. Most insulators are molded with thermosetting plastics. The interface sealing body and wire sealing body are molded with silicone rubber.

Contact body: pin jack is the general name of contact body, which is divided into welding type, crimping type and winding type, etc. it is used to realize circuit connection. Pin jack is the key component of electrical connector, which directly affects the reliability of electrical connector. Most of the pin sockets are made of elastic copper alloy with good conductivity, and the surface is silver plated to achieve the purpose of small contact resistance and anti-corrosion.
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