What is PA9T material introduced by Shenzhen precision connector factory
2020-05-11 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
PA9T is a kind of original Polyamide Engineering Plastic developed by kolli from the raw material monomer. It is a kind of forming material with excellent heat resistance, drug resistance and sliding resistance.

The properties of nylon are better than that of standard nylon in some main aspects. The advantages include: providing the same strength and toughness under dry and wet conditions, and maintaining effective strength and toughness at higher temperatures compared with standard nylon. Easy to process - good fluidity, thermal stability and lower mold corrosion; high performance nylon with high thermal stability and high lubricity, low water absorption (1%, other common high temperature nylon is more than 2.6%), low warpage, chemical resistance and high dimensional stability materials, which can reach the effect of 94V-0 at the thickness of 0.75mm. PA9T has high glass transition temperature (125 ℃) and high crystallinity, which makes it still have good toughness under high temperature, better than PA66 and PA46, and its friction resistance and coefficient are much better than other nylon, even more than POM and LCP. Another excellent performance of PA9T is its resistance to chemicals and oil, alcohol, acid and calcium dichloride, hot water and other fluids, which are almost more than all PA, only slightly worse than PPS, and its barrier to fuel oil is ten times of PA6 and PA12, close to the level of ETFE (ethylene tetrachloroethylene copolymer), which makes PA9T very suitable for automotive hood products. PA9T has specifications such as glass fiber free, glass fiber (33%, 45%, 50%) and fire protection, which has great development potential for market applications such as automobile hood, electrical and electronic products.

1. Nylon series resin, the lowest water absorption.
2. Dimensional stability will not cause dimensional change and mechanical strength decrease due to water absorption.
3. High heat resistance, 280 tin test will not produce bubbles, but also suitable for high temperature lead-free solder.
4. Good fluidity, suitable for forming thin meat.
5. Low gas, less pollution and corrosion than other nylon resin, extend the use of mold.
6. Fast crystallization speed and short cooling time.
7. In the high temperature environment, the mechanical strength and rigidity decrease less, the strength of the joint line is better and the recovery is better.
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