The harm of air to electronic connector
2020-11-02 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
Many substances in the air will react with industrial products, which will cause certain damage to the infrastructure. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will cause greater losses. What are the substances that can cause damage to industrial electronic connectors? For example, the oxygen in the air can lead to some facilities that you can't use directly. If there are not many problems in the general project, but these problems appear in some circuits, the harm can be, this is not a little bit. Then there will be another problem, because the contact area is larger, because the substance in the air is more harmful than itself, so it will directly affect the normal use of these electrical components.

C4201 industrial electronic connector like in the space with high humidity will contain some salt. We all know that the power of salt is very strong, so if the club wants to overcome the water and salt damage in the working environment, we must prepare the material and structure control options, such as the contact unit on the surface, we will set up a good protection device, the material can prevent the moisture in the air The sample will not dye, and the internal formation of industrial electronic connectors is not excessive to the composition of the salt.

In order to ensure that the industrial electronic connector can accept different environmental hazards, especially before each industrial electronic wire to board connector is put on the market through an experiment of salt spray, only through the experiment does not appear large loss on the market, a batch of industrial electronic connector will be used. In this case, high concentration solution is usually used as the test material. Only by this method can we really find out the corrosion degree of industrial electronic connector.

Usually, we set the experiment time in two days. In a completely closed space, the fog with high concentration of sodium chloride solution will fall on the exposed industrial electronic connector after forming the salt mist. After two days of observation, we can know that the use of industrial electronic connector is the best.
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