Characteristics and significance of iatf16949 certification in precision connector
2021-06-21 Connector、 Connector manufacturer
Iatf16949 certification: with the expansion of the company's customer base and the particularity of the automotive industry, the general ISO9001 can not meet the comprehensive requirements. Now the company needs the support of iatf16949 certification for its implementation and development.

Iatf16949 certification features:
01. It specially emphasizes the requirement of defect rate, and clearly puts forward process failure mode and consequence analysis, so as to prevent the occurrence of defects, rather than just find out the defects.
02. Put forward the special requirements of the industry, that is, continuous improvement, and require the implementation of a comprehensive ideological system of continuous improvement.
03. Targeted. According to the important and special characteristics of products, strict control requirements are put forward.
04. It is pointed out that the basic principle of iatf16949 is to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce quality deterioration and waste to benefit all parties concerned.
05. Pay attention to the effectiveness of the quality system.

The significance of enterprises passing iatf16949 certification:
01. Ensure that the quality of products is in line with the standards and meet the requirements of customers.
02. Strengthen process control, reduce and prevent unqualified products and reduce production cost.
03. Standardize the functions of departments, change the personnel system into the legal system, and improve work efficiency.
04. Effectively break the foreign trade barriers to auto parts suppliers and participate in international competition.
05. Effective implementation of management ideas, managers can focus on strategic development.
06. Prevent quality accidents.
07. Reduce costs and improve enterprise benefits.
08. Provide continuous improvement of the basic quality management system.
09. Prevent loopholes and reduce the difference and waste of production line in level.
10. Ensure customer trust.
11. Improve the profitability of the organization.

Iatf16949 certification objectives:
01. Quality improvement
02. Productivity improvement
03. Cost reduction
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