Shenzhen connector manufacturers teach you how to choose board to board connectors
2022-02-21 Shenzhen connector manufacturers
In almost all electronic and electrical products, board to board connector has become a necessary element to connect various components. The existence of the connector is not only for disassembly and connection, but also the carrier to provide current and signal for products. In the process of using connectors, many designers of electronic systems have had a similar experience: using cheap connectors, they finally pay a high price and regret. The wrong selection and use of connectors can lead to the abnormal operation of the system, product recall, product liability cases, circuit board damage, rework and maintenance, and then lead to the loss of sales and customers. Therefore, in the design of electronic products, we must choose a suitable connector for electronic devices. Otherwise, the situation that a small board-to-board connector makes the whole system unable to operate is very collapse.

When choosing connectors, people will first consider the cost control, the other is the high quality and high stability, as well as the design characteristics of the connector itself. In order to prevent the electronic designers from underestimating the importance of the connector in the design process, the board to board connector manufacturer provides you with some reference opinions:

First: double pole design idea. In Erni connector series, the double rod design idea runs through all the time. Vividly speaking, the double pole design can be described as "killing two birds with one stone". The optimized terminal design adapts to high-speed signal transmission and provides higher orientation tolerance. In the comparison of inductance, capacitance and impedance, the double pole terminal is smaller than the box terminal structure for high-speed application, and optimized to achieve the minimum discontinuity. The two pole design allows multiple connectors to be on a circuit board without plugging or short circuit problems, and there is no need for a large number of signals on a single connector. The simple wiring of double poles can save space, make the connector smaller and simplify the detection of welding pins. For example, put 12 on a board. At the same time, it also reduces the rework cost. Practical applications, such as telecom end-user equipment, etc.

Second: high retention surface mount design. For SMT products, it is generally believed that the retention force on the board is very poor. Is the PCB retention force of surface mount termination lower than that of through-hole termination? The answer is: not necessarily. The retention of PCB can be effectively improved through design improvement. If the welding support, the hole (micropore) of the surface pasted pin and the large welding pad are superimposed, the retention force can be improved. In fact, even I / O connectors can use surface mount pins. This can be vividly compared to "taking root". For example, in the design of X-ray machine, ultrasonic scanner and robot Ethernet switch.

Third: rugged design. The reliability of the connector shall be determined. At the same time, the flat block crimping tool is allowed to be used, and the electrode plate is fixed on the shell to improve the firmness, achieve a better manufacturing process and increase the output. In one word, it is "as firm as a rock". Specific applications, such as positron emission tomography, embedded system of railway vehicle, etc.

Fourth: high current, small spacing design. With the requirements of miniaturization of automotive electronics and consumer electronics, the design concept of high current and small spacing needs to be considered.

Fifth: no bending pin assembly process. Due to improper treatment, traditional stamping will cause bending or deformation of pins, and the bending process will cause capillary cracks, which is not desirable for the long-term of products, and will also affect the circuit performance and cost. Erni adopts the direct stamping of the bending angle. The stamping terminal can avoid the capillary cracks caused by the bending process and ensure the complete electromechanical connection. The coplanarity of pins is 100%, and the tolerance is controlled to ± 0.05mm. The coplanarity detection of 100% surface pasted pins ensures the reliability of the circuit board assembly process, ensures good welding, improves the excellent rate of products and reduces the cost. And improve the firmness of the right angle connector to prevent the connector from being damaged due to improper operation. It is very appropriate to use "unbreakable". It is especially suitable for inkjet printer controller interfacemodule module interface, etc.

Sixth: Advanced lock design. Erni adopts a double latch design to meet different needs. The forward latch is designed for strong vibration applications. It is very suitable for automotive and subway applications. The friction latch is designed for general vibration applications. Double latch and double safety insurance ensure reliable connection, and no special tools are required for on-site disassembly (maintenance / replacement) of cables. It is suitable for the design of monitor, LED lamp, etc.

Board to board connector plays a leading role in the whole electronic system design. Engineers need to pay attention to not only chip technology, but also the selection of peripheral devices when selecting electronic components, so as to make the system run easily and achieve twice the result with half the effort.
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