Shenzhen precision connector factory introduces electronic connector and PCB technology
2022-03-07 Shenzhen precision connector factory
Connectors and printed circuit boards are important components in all electronic products. Both of them are complex electronic devices. In the circuit design of many applications, the electrical characteristics of connectors and PCBs can not be ignored. In recent years, the technical and commercial requirements for these two electronic devices have greatly increased. The requirements of cost and performance optimization design of electronic components are the exact knowledge of the process and commercial characteristics of connectors and printed circuit boards. In these two seminars, we will mainly talk about the main technologies of connectors and printed circuit boards, failure causes, quality requirements and two cost factors.

Connectors are used in all electronic products: for example, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, automotive industry, electronic communication, medical or transportation engineering. The course is devoted to practical applications, including the basis of materials, connection theory and electronic engineering, as well as various connection technologies for circuit boards and cables, condition testing and error causes of different requirements of different types of connectors.

In recent years, the requirements of printed circuit board have changed greatly. Printed circuit board is no longer just the wiring support element of electrical components, but an independent and complex component. Therefore, the electrical and thermomechanical properties of printed circuit boards are a necessary and important consideration in the design of electronic components and systems. In addition, PCBs are exposed during lead-free solder high thermomechanical stress treatment and use, such as in the automotive field, sometimes extreme environmental conditions. In addition, the production of printed circuit boards in the market is under high cost pressure.
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