Introduction of solder paste commonly used in Shenzhen precision linker factory
2022-05-16 Shenzhen precision linker factory
Solder paste: also known as solder paste, English Name: solder paste, gray paste. Solder paste is a new type of welding material with SMT. It is a paste mixture formed by mixing solder powder, flux, other surfactants and thixotropic agents. It is mainly used for the welding of PCB surface resistance, capacitance, IC and other electronic components in SMT industry.

Surface mount technology (SMT) in the 1970s refers to the technology of printing and coating solder paste on the solder pad of printed circuit board, accurately pasting the surface mount components on the solder pad coated with solder paste, heating the circuit board according to the specific reflux temperature curve, melting the solder paste, and forming solder joints between the components and printed circuit board after the alloy components are cooled and solidified.

Solder paste is a new type of welding material with SMT. Solder paste is a complex system, which is composed of solder powder, flux and other additives. The solder paste has a certain viscosity at room temperature, which can initially stick the electronic components to the established position. At the welding temperature, with the volatilization of solvents and some additives, the soldered components and printed circuit pads will be welded together to form a permanent connection.
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