What are the main advantages of precision board to board connectors in applications?
2024-03-25 Precision board to board connectors
Board to board connectors are indispensable electronic components in electronic products, which can connect power and signals. Its advantages determine that it can better adapt to the development trend of miniaturization in electronic products and play the best performance.

Board to board connectors have the following advantages in application:
1. Can improve the assembly process of electronic products and simplify the mass production process;
2. Has good contact resistance and mechanical impact resistance;
3. Salt fog resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, can adapt to harsh environments;
4. Easy to maintain, and can quickly replace components when they fail;
5. Meta components can be updated at any time, replacing old ones directly with new ones, and the operation is simple and convenient;
6. It has strong electrical transmission function and stable and reliable connection.

The metal conductors inside the board to board connector are the core components of the entire system, which are PIN pins/terminals used to transmit data signals and currents from externally connected wires or cables. In the design of board to board connectors, both initial contact force and stress release are important because elastic deformation of the contact will transform into plastic deformation, and stress release will reduce the contact force. When the contact force is below the horizontal value, its function will fail. So stress release is related to the reliability of board to board connectors, and it is required to achieve excellent structure and stable and reliable performance in design and material selection.
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