Simple understanding of the characteristics of precision DIN connectors!
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DIN is the abbreviation for "Deutsche Institute f ü r Normung", which is an interface standard developed by them. In consumer electronics products, DIN connectors generally represent a member of the circular connector family that meets DIN standards, with relatively strict quality requirements. But the term DIN connector does not represent any specific type of connector.

DIN connectors are divided into DIN connectors and MINI DIN connectors by diameter:

1. DIN connectors come in various configurations ranging from 3 to 9 pins, with 5 pin DIN connectors available in various forms. The arc between the first and last pins can be 180 °, 240 °, or 270 °. The most common uses of DIN connectors are analog audio, keyboard, mouse connections, and MID digital interfaces.

2. The MINI DIN connector is similar to a DIN connector, but it has a smaller diameter and offers various pin numbers and orientations. The most common use is for video, keyboard, and mouse interconnection.

DIN connectors are divided into circular DIN connectors and irregular DIN connectors according to their appearance:

Circular DIN connectors are metal shielded plugs with a diameter of 13.2 millimeters, and their pin definitions are different. The circular DIN connector plug has a circular metal shielding skirt to protect the pins. The protective skirt also ensures that the plug is inserted in the correct direction to prevent damage to the pins. Due to the same protective skirt, the circular MINI DIN connector has been improved as it cannot prevent DIN female connectors from being incompatible with DIN connectors. Circular DIN connectors have common 8-pin connectors.

Irregular DIN connectors, also known as speaker connectors. Two pin DIN41529 connector is used to connect speakers and power amplifiers. Previously used in 16mm movie projectors and Mercedes Benz cars.

DIN connector applications

1. Analog audio
The 3-pin/180 ° and 5pin/180 ° connectors are widely used in analog audio equipment connections in Europe, such as stereo amplifiers or preamplifiers in stereo tape recorders using 5pin/180 ° connectors (four signals and ground).

2. Digital signal
The 5pin/180 ° connector is widely used for DIN electronic instrument synchronization interfaces and MIDI electronic instrument interfaces.
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