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PA6T full name poly-p-benzoylhexanediamine, Arlen Gamma A heat-resistant nylon 6t / 66 developed for Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. is a product of pa6tpa6t and PA66 copolymerization. PA6T / 66 for electronic parts is a modified nylon 6T based on terephthalic acid, adipic acid and hexanediamine, with a melting point of 310 ℃. The main characteristics of PA6T / 66 are excellent high temperature rigidity, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. The excellent properties make PA6T widely used in many fields, including auto parts, mechanical parts and electrical / electronic parts. PA6T refers to PA6T / 66 in general.

Main characteristics
Of course, different parts often have different requirements and specifications, and the requirements of materials used are different. According to different requirements, Mitsui chemical company has prepared PA6T of different grades. Overall, the main characteristics of PA6T are as follows:

1. Excellent welding resistance
PA6T has a high melting point (310 ℃) and a high thermal deformation temperature (about 290 ℃), so it can show excellent reflow solderability. The excellent welding resistance makes PA6T especially suitable for SMT electronic connector.

2. Excellent high temperature rigidity
PA6T can maintain a high modulus at high temperature, for example, the modulus at 120 ℃ is 55% of that at 23 ℃. In other words, PA6T can maintain stable and excellent rigidity in a wide range of temperature.

3、 Excellent chemical resistance

4、 Low water absorption
For nylon resin, the water absorption of PA6T is very low, only 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of nylon 66. Therefore, the change of physical properties of PA6T caused by water absorption is relatively small.

5. Excellent dimensional stability
The water absorption of PA6T is quite low, and the size change caused by water absorption is quite small. The thermal expansion coefficient of PA6T is quite stable, and it is still at a very low level in the high temperature range. Therefore, the dimensional stability of PA6T for temperature change is good. In addition, the warpage of PA6T caused by the forming process is very small. In other words, PA6T has excellent dimensional stability.

6. Excellent liquidity
PA6T has good melting fluidity and can be easily processed by injection molding. In addition, PA6T also has excellent thin-wall formability, which makes it suitable for the processing and forming of small parts.

7. It is not easy to form burr
PA6T also has a characteristic inherent in nylon, which is not easy to pick up the burr when it is injected into the molding.
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