What is the concept of the SATA connector
2020-04-27 SATA connector
SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) is a serial hardware driver interface based on industry standards. It is a hard disk interface specification jointly proposed by Intel, IBM, Dell, apt, Maxtor and Seagate. In 2001, the serial ATA committee composed of Intel, apt, Dell, IBM, Seagate and Maxtor formally established the serial ATA 1.0 specification. At the IDF fall conference of that year, Seagate announced the serial ATA 1.0 standard and formally announced the establishment of the SATA specification.

Advantages of collapsing SATA
1. 3gb / s transmission rate
2. Support NCQ Technology
3. Port selector
4. Port multiplier
5. Principle of port multiplier technology server features
6. Interface and connectivity enhancements
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